What is r3S?

Rapid Response Readiness Solutions (R3S) is a just-in-time tailored program that develops the processes and technologies that your people will need to win more work, maximize your IDIQ return on investment, and stay focused on your strategic pipeline. In two months your team, your processes, and your company will be ready to win more work on your IDIQs and GWACs. You’ve won your contract vehicle, is your team ready to maximize your Return on Investment and win Task Orders?  


Custom proposal training, train-the-trainer, templates, and fundimentals are at the core of R3S. We grow them, coach them, and empower them to drive the wins.


We believe that process should be designed to fit the people, not the other way around. R3S delivers a completely tailored-to-you ISO 9001:2015 compliant process. 


R3S will help you analyze your stack and find ways to leverage technology to increase efficiency. Automating what you can, and enabling where you need to. 


R3S is built to help you maximize your ROI. Your Rapid Response coach delivers one-on-one coaching and designs a program tailored for your success.

Why R3S

  • Develop your team, so they can develop your business
  • Rapid Response capabilities that don’t disrupt your current operations
  • Win more Task Orders without taking your focus off of your strategic pipeline
  • One size does not fit all –  R3S is about designing solutions for your company

How it Works

R3S is taliored to your business, no cookie cutter process and templates here. A straightforward eight week guided program. Your Rapid Response Coach will take your team through the fundamentals of Rapid Response and make sure that you are ready to maximize your investments. 


Nothing is more valuble than your people. R3S is purpose built to empower your team to drive your Rapid Response capabilities.  Through coaching,  train the trainer, and business process re-engineering, R3S is about leveraging your greatest asset: Your People, and enabling their potential to maximize your contract vehicle performance and win more.


At the end of the day, like everything else in business, it’s all about the process. R3S develops a process just for you and your team; one that fits. Rapid Response Coaches work directly with your team to develop the repeatable, CMMI and ISO compliant processes that will enable all stakeholders in your organization to stop dreading Task Order Propsoals, and start winning more work. 


The right technology is a powerful enabler. Our Rapid Response Coaches work with your team to develop and articulate the needs of your rapid response process.  From there, they will work through getting it optimized for your success, automating everything we can to ease administrative burden and keep your team focused on the next win. 


Our Rapid Response Coaches love what they do, their background winning task orders, managing IDIQs, running proposal centers, capturing work, and training. They bring this passion and experience to your team through feedback, one-on-one coaching, and  each week on coaching calls. They are the heart of the R3S program and  will set the tone and direction for your team, guiding them through the R3S program with one goal in mind. Your company winning more task orders and maximizing your IDIQ and GWAC return on investment.

Ready to Grow?

We believe you can grow while keeping focus on your solution and your customer’s mission. Each of our solutions is battle tested and proven to drive success for government contractors by letting you do what you do best.

Drop a line and let us know where you’re going. We’ll help you build a path to your goals.

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