What is RRaaS?

Rapid Response as a Service is a revolutionary program for getting the most out of your IDIQ, MAC, GWAC, or BPA. From reliable program management to efficient task order response, RRaaS gives you everything you need to realize the full growth potential of your contract vehicle.


Our IDIQ experts are the best in the field with decades of experience and billions won. Your RRaaS lead knows how to maximize your task order wins.


Our exclusive ISO 9001:2015 compliant  Rapid Response process has been implemented in growing, successful companies from large to small. 


We have built one of the most advanced, capable portals in the business. Our collaboration, knowledge management, and simplicity are unparalleled and built to win. 


None of your competitors have access to RRaaS. We only take one client for each contract vehicle segment, giving you a locked-in competitive advantage.

Why RRaaS?

It’s a common issue – thousands and thousands spent on winning an IDIQ with no return on the investment. Noise and chaos from the flood of task orders can overwhelm a sales team.

RRaaS means a flat B&P budget, unlimited capacity, and freedom from the churn.

With RRaaS, you need to change your process, hire, or bring in expensive consultants. We move all of the obstacles out of your way.

 Proven to Work

RRaaS hit the GovCon market in early 2015. Before that, its core concepts were being battle-tested in Fortune 500 companies and small business alike. It took 3 years of testing with our wonderful early adopters before we released it onto the market in 2018. Now, RRaaS is taking GovCon by storm, revolutionizing the way IDIQs perform.



+ Vehicles


Win Rate

+ Task Orders

Finding a Way Forward

“TWRG provides quality proposals, thoughtful program management, and honest strategic advice. Because of their willingess to ‘find a way’, we have sought out new opportunities to work with TWRG…”

– Michael Reingruber, SVP, Aurotech

Positioned to Win

“The quality of our proposals has increased, our leadership team has a much better view into goals and metrics, and we are much better positioned to win. We consistently rely on the TWRG team’s experience, knowledge, responsiveness, and flexibility.”

– Shourya Ray, COO, Spin Systems

Real Results

“…we expected them to be a force-multiplier for our existing proposal team – and they were. What we didn’t expect was their process and approach getting adopted throughout our organization. TWRG has changed the way we look at opportunities and our numbers show the results.”

– Requests Anonymity, DoD & Civilian Health IT

How it Works

RRaaS begins with a 30 day on-ramp to build your program and train your people. We get to know the DNA of your company with interviews and analysis of all prior responses and debriefs. We present you with a bid readiness scorecard and get to work analyzing your task orders.

  • Work with your team and subcontractors to drive business to the vehicle
  • Track and analyze every task order, selecting those that best match your capabilities and experience
  • Identify SMEs, teaming partners, and past performance for every task order you can reasonably pursue
  • Deliver a thorough, easy to consume bid recommendation for educated, data-driven decisions
Rapid Response
  • Stand up the bid team and kick-off within 48 hours of bid decision
  • Lead rapid solution effort, building response and basis of estimate simultaneously
  • Develop winning response with the Rapid Response framework
  • Run unlimited simultaneous response efforts
  • Develop and maintain teaming capabilities and past performance library
  • Act as a central resource for the entire contract vehicle team
  • Facilitate communication through regular team meetings and one-on-one interactions
  • Support efforts to bring business to the vehicle
  • Track and report teaming partner efforts and quality of response support
Program Managment
  • Maintain vehicle competitive intelligence
  • Develop all required reporting
  • Ensure pro-active responses to market research
  • Prepare for on-ramps, off-ramps and re-competes

Ready to Grow?

We believe you can grow while keeping focus on your solution and your customer’s mission. Each of our solutions is battle tested and proven to drive success for government contractors by letting you do what you do best.

Drop a line and let us know where you’re going. We’ll help you build a path to your goals.

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