What is BDOpS?

Your business developers and salespeople are only effective when they’re in front of your customer. Every second they spend entering data into a CRM, building presentations for pipeline meetings, or preparing for meetings is money taken away from the bottom line. Leading GovCon companies support their teams with a support team who takes care of the “administrivia.” Now every company has access to that level of support, leveling the playing field.


Your BDOpS team gets to know your industry, your partners, and your competitors. Research and updates make sure your people know the landscape.


Every time there’s a meeting or an update, your CRM is updated. When you have a pipeline meeting, we build the reports and brief you in advance.


With BDOpS, you have access to the latest information gathered by top-tier GovCon research and tracking services – all included as part of your program.


Your BDOpS team doesn’t take vacations and is never sick. We make sure you have access throughout the business day 52 weeks each year. 

Why BDOpS?

  • Your sales team spends more time in front of the customer and building relationships
  • In the most competitive market in the world, your team is never behind the curve
  • Your pipeline meetings become smooth and seamless with everybody prepared in advance
  • Your team can cover twice the agencies, twice the opportunities, and twice the partnerships without your needing to hire
  • Optimizing your business development efforts is the best way to optimize your growth curve

How it Works

With just 7 days to gather information and perform interviews, your BDOpS team can be ready to go. Training is on-demand and support begins immediately. 

Intel and Research
  • We partner with Bloomberg Government (BGOV) to bring the latest information to your fingertips
  • We have relationships around the industry and in government, as well as TWRG’s attendance at industry days and conferences benefit you with all of the latest news
  • Our analysts are industry experts and are trained on the best places to find and analyze competitive intelligence
  • With premium access to the most popular business networking site, we can prepare you for every meeting at a moment’s notice
  • People are our core resource, not technology – the biggest benefit is the relationship we build with your team
Opportunity LIfecycle
  • Never miss an opportunity again with information kept up to date for each team member and in your CRM
  • Make pipeline meetings more productive with the latest information at your fingertips and every team member briefed just before the meeting
  • Every piece of information gets to the right people with our team updating your CRM at every turn
  • Keep your proposal managers happy with a seamless handoff post-RFP
Tailored Support
  • Meet with us at the start to describe your sales process so we can match your cadence 
  • Let us know what information you need to make educated gate or step review decisions so we can track each opportunity’s progress and let your team members know when they need to fill a gap
  • Your BDOpS team quickly develops a deep understanding of your company, people, competition, and customers – our goal is to be one step ahead of you so we can always get you what you need on time

Ready to Grow?

We believe you can grow while keeping focus on your solution and your customer’s mission. Each of our solutions is battle tested and proven to drive success for government contractors by letting you do what you do best.

Drop a line and let us know where you’re going. We’ll help you build a path to your goals.

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