Shutdown Stories: Day 6 Rundown

Our Shutdown Stories series, which began as a series of public Facebook posts, is focused on providing factual, evidenced based information about the effects of shutting down particular Federal Government agencies. We are moving it here to our corporate blog, in an effort to increase readability and make it easier to share these complex issues. Please feel free to share on the platform of your choosing, with attribution to The War Room Group. 

A Rundown as We Wrap Up Week 1 

(Originally Published on Facebook 12/27/2018)

The Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s office that handles fair housing and equal opportunity complaints is currently operating with a staff of five, instead of their normal 450. 

The USDA’s rural development office, which manages $220 billion dollars in grants to encourage rural development (duh), is operating at 1% of it’s normal staff. 

After devastating wild fires and storms, the SBA remains shuttered and cannot provide the assistance to homeowners, renters, and business owners trying to rebuild communities. 

The Department of Justice Community Relations Service is shuttered until further notice 

Loans through the Federal Housing Administration are now on hold. Sorry first time home-buyers. 

When you hear rich white people in powerful positions say this kind of shutdown doesn’t hurt Americans, take a look at the services that are effected (this is a very small portion of those) and you’ll see that they say that because it doesn’t effect Americans like them.

The president continues to tweet, as tents are going up at Mar-a-Lago for a really expensive New Years party.