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Rapid Response as a Service (RRaaS)

What Is RRaaS?

Rapid Response as a Service is a revolutionary program for getting the most out of your IDIQ, MAC, GWAC, or BPA. From reliable program management to efficient task order response, RRaaS gives you everything you need to realize the full growth potential of your contract vehicle.

+ Task Orders

+ Vehicles


Win Rate




You can rely on our three-tiered compliance review process and focus on building and delivering the right solution.


A picture is worth a thousand words. With a graphics-first approach, reviewers are drawn to your solution and away your competitors.


RRaaS reduces the time you spend on each task order, increases your response rate, and improves your win record.


Our Task Order Proposal Managers know what it takes to win – proposals that highlight your best qualities.



It’s not just proposals. We manage every element of your contract vehicle in your RRaaS PMO giving you all the information you need.


Your RRaaS team works directly with your subcontractors to drive business to your vehicle and fill gaps in each response.



You will never pass on a procurement again. RRaaS can support any number of responses running at the same time. Capacity is no longer a factor.


Your RRaaS knowledge management portal is constantly managed and updated. Each response and report makes it more robust.


Your RRaaS Portal brings your team and your partners together in a virtual environment for seamless, simple collaboration.

Find Your True Growth Potential

Unlimited Response Capacity

1 Testimonials


Better positioned to win

“TWRG tailored a program that perfectly matched our needs — sales process improvement, CMMI ML3, ISO 9001, and growth strategy. We trusted them with our Capture and Proposals operation to avoid any slow-down during the process. The quality of our proposals has increased, our leadership team has a much better view into goals and metrics, and we are much better positioned to win. We consistently rely on the TWRG Team’s experience, knowledge, responsiveness, and flexibility.”

– Nov 30, 2017

Shourya Ray

COO – Spin Systems

2 Testimonials


Steadfast dedication

“You have helped small businesses navigate regulations and win federal contracts, supporting more than 10 Virginia-based small businesses in meeting their growth goals. You’ve employed consultants, generated tax revenue, and donated to charities. These accomplishments were all the result of your steadfast dedication to your work, and I commend you for your efforts.”

– June 26, 2017

Tim Kaine

United States Senator – Commonwealth of Virginia

3 Testimonials


Numbers show the results

“When we decided to sign on with RRaaS, we expected them to be a force-multiplier for our existing proposal team – and they were. What we didn’t expect was their process and approach getting adopted throughout our organization. TWRG has changed the way we look at opportunities and our numbers show the results.”

– Nov 30, 2017

Requests Anonymity

VP of Business Development, Health IT

Your Search is Over

We hear the same issues from hundreds growing companies – thousands and thousands spent on winning an IDIQ. Now that they have it, they can’t effectively use it to increase revenue. If anything, business developers and proposal teams are constantly pulled away from strategic efforts just to manage the noise. Rapid Response is a specialized skill set and task orders don’t work in a standard pipeline. Should you hire a new team? Should you bring in surge support when needed?

RRaaS means a flat B&P budget, unlimited response capacity, and an escape from the noise and churn.

With RRaaS, you don’t have to build a brand new process and hire a new team. You don’t have to worry about contracting outside support when your team is overwhelmed. Just focus on what you do best. We move all of the obstacles out of your way.

How it Works

RRaaS in Action

1. Prepare

TWRG’s experienced analysts and proposal experts collect, catalog, and analyze your sales and marketing material, developing a Knowledge Base that sets the stage for efficient capture and effective proposal operations. You get a Bid Readiness Assessment developed by our Principal Consultants, who have decades of experience and billions of dollars in awards.

The RRaaS Portal is the collaborative hub for your vehicle

2. Position

Task orders move quickly. With little time to prepare and short response times, bid decisions need to be made immediately. That’s why we give you a simple, read-anywhere analysis of the task orders aligned with your capabilities and strategy. From intel to past performance alignment, you’ll have everything you need to make the right call.

Data Driven Decision Making is the core of effective Rapid Response

3. Propose

The RRaaS Rapid Response framework is a revolutionary proposal development process. Your management team and subject matter experts will reduce the time they spend on a single task order response by over 75% in the first year.

Keep your SMEs and sales team focused on the big picture

Revolutionize Your IDIQ

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