Introducing the Capture Mediator Capture Mediator 2 - Concepts and Roles in Conflict Management

Sep 21, 2018

Welcome back to the Capture Mediator. Last time, we discussed the definition of conflict and how it’s not always the destructive force it’s made out to be. In our second post, we’ll start bringing it into the world of capture management in GovCon.

Conflict is inherent to the practice of capture management. Our overall process, however it’s conceived where you work, is engineered for conflict. That’s a good thing. For example, let’s take a look at a few of the generally accepted roles in a standard opportunity capture lifecycle:

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However, this doesn’t always happen. When these and other roles descend into unmanaged conflict, time is lost, team cohesiveness is effective, and performance suffers. So let’s assume that conflict is inherent in what we do – both by design and arising from factors we cannot eliminate and sometimes cannot control. What do we do about it? First, let’s find the right party to take control. The best way is to engage an impartial third party to mediate. Mediation can help to solve active, destructive conflicts and can also help transform inherent, less obvious conflicts into productive working relationships. A good workplace mediator is just as capable of optimizing team performance as a Six Sigma Black Belt or an Agile Coach (obviously I’m biased here). It is rarely feasible to have a third party, especially one who doesn’t understand the unique world of GovCon capture, work with every opportunity and every capture team. It can also get to be pretty expensive. Even if you bring in a coach and train every team member in conflict skills, who is your cheerleader in the organization? The closest you get to an impartial third party is the person who is focused on the customer rather than the company. The Capture Manager brings cross-functional teams together around an opportunity for an eventual win and long-term growth. The Capture Mediator makes capture teams more successful by effectively managing and optimizing the productive nature of inherent conflict. I’ll assume that everyone out there fully agrees with me on this. I’ll start putting together the next post on the tools and strategies the Capture Mediator can put to use. In the meantime, if you don’t agree or have any questions, reach out to me or comment wherever you find this post!

Conflict happens in every organization and team. When managed properly, it can be a force for good. We offer in-person and online training, consulting, and direct conflict intervention. You can harness the power of transformative conflict resolution to revolutionize your business.

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