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From the beginning, TWRG was created to be a catalyst for contractor growth in Federal Government. We know what it takes to compete, deliver, and win in the most competitive market in the world.

Finally, a consultancy that goes beyond single opportunities and breaks the traditional business development, capture, and proposal mold.

TWRG is your navigator in every step of the government sales cycle. Agile procurement answered with agile strategy. Aggressive competition matched with data-driven solutions. Every need met with expert, winning support services.

Solutions for Every Stage of Growth

GovCon Entrepreneur

Just getting started and everyone on your team wears multiple hats. We have products and services custom built to enable Public Sector market entry and get you quickly on the path to growth.

Growing Small Businesses

Organizational maturity can't get in the way of growth. We focus solutions to help you grow, while making sure you are always ready for that next step, just in time.

Emerging Mid-Teir Contractors

Competing with the largest firms for business requires integration, data, and agility. Our ERP, IDIQ, and CRM systems rise to the occasion.

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A New Breed of Solutions

We spent a long time working for government contractors. We saw the razor-thin margins. We watched the hard choices – do everything possible to win or manage B&P budgets.

Why is public sector consulting the only place small businesses still pay by the hour instead of paying for results?

We developed products and services that break the mold. Standard pricing with monthly agreements for all of the support you need to grow your company.

What people are saying

“TWRG tailored a program that perfectly matched our needs — sales process improvement, CMMI ML3, ISO 9001, and growth strategy. We trusted them with our Capture and Proposals operation to avoid any slow-down during the process. The quality of our proposals has increased, our leadership team has a much better view into goals and metrics, and we are much better positioned to win. We consistently rely on the TWRG Team’s experience, knowledge, responsiveness, and flexibility.” Shourya Ray

COO, Spin Systems

“You have helped small businesses navigate regulations and win federal contracts, supporting more than 10 Virginia-based small businesses in meeting their growth goals. You’ve employed consultants, generated tax revenue, and donated to charities. These accomplishments were all the result of your steadfast dedication to your work, and I commend you for your efforts.” Tim Kaine

United States Senator, Commonwealth of Virginia

“When we decided to sign on with RRaaS, we expected them to be a force-multiplier for our existing proposal team – and they were. What we didn’t expect was their process and approach getting adopted throughout our organization. TWRG has changed the way we look at opportunities and our numbers show the results.” Requests Anonymity

VP of Business Development, Defense & Civilian Health IT

How can We Help You Grow?

We are members of a large community. Our clients, partners, and colleagues are committed to supporting the work of our civil servants. We do our part by facilitating that work and helping companies grow. We value long-term, mutually beneficial relationships over sales. Let us show you what we can do to help you succeed.

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